Fiat 500 L

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Vehicle Details

  • Year
  • Body Type
    2-door Sedan
    • Engine
      499 cm³
    • HP
      13 KW / 18 PS
    • Transmission
    • Drive Train
      Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
    • Paint Color
    • Interior Color
  • Mileage
    50000 km
  • Historic Vehicle Registration
    Valid until 10/2025
    • Country
    • City
  • Engine
    499 cm³
  • HP
    13 KW / 18 PS
  • Transmission



  • Restored with new parts
  • Abarth look
  • Low maintenance costs

Vehicle history

Rarely has a car been given more nicknames than the Fiat 500 Nuovo: the cuddly little car has been christened "Scatola" (little box), "Topolino" (little mouse) or even "Enzo", after the legendary Ferrari partner Enzo Ferrari. And even today, the Fiat with the teddy bear face still wins the hearts of all the people on the street. This Fiat 500 from 1971 spent most of its life in sunny Italy. There, the 500 was completely restored with new parts before it came to Germany in 2012. Refined with numerous Abarth parts, the car was transformed from a micro car into a micro sportscar. The vendor regarded the 500 as an additional family member that just happened to live in the garage. A vehicle expert report from 2012 confirms a condition of 2+ for the small two-seater. Due to good care, this condition has not changed, as numerous receipts and invoices show. According to the owner, the vehicle has been accident-free in his care.

Exterior & interior

In classic baby blue color, the little Italian attracts everyone's attention, garnished with numerous Abarth decals and contemporary motorsport stickers. Even the sunroof has been renewed and upgraded with a chequered flag pattern. In the small wheel arches, 5x12 aluminum wheels in the Abarth design and 145 "wide tires" are pressed against the asphalt. The chrome bars of the Lusso bumpers are a pretty add-on. Another contemporary detail is the "hood opener", which fans the air-cooled twin with an extra portion of air. The interior of the Fiat was given a visual and sporty upgrade during the restoration. Contemporary bucket seats with integrated headrests and retrofitted three-point seat belts now provide a degree of safety, while a small wooden steering wheel provides a better grip. A center console encases the otherwise bare wooden gear knob. The seats and door panels are lined in genuine brown leather and carpet to match the light blue exterior color.

Technical condition

As part of the overhaul, the original 500 twin engine was completely overhauled and fitted with a twin-pipe sports exhaust. Due to its reliability, the restorers refrained from further tuning measures. The four-speed gearbox (note: 1st gear unsynchronized) with its thin gear stick shifts like on the first day. With 145 wide tires on Abarth rims and an optimized chassis, the Fiat-Abarth drivers the king of traffic circles. Of course, all vehicle modifications are registered in the papers and the vehicle has a historic license plate.

The vehicle is being offered on behalf of a customer.


Wunsiedel, DE





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